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Welcome to Secure Start Inspections. We offer comprehensive, accurate and professional home inspections in southwest Michigan.

If you are purchasing a home, you are about to make a very big investment.  So it is critical to understand, as best you can, the overall condition of your investment.  This is done by an investigative process that on average, may take 3-4 hours, and is quite detail oriented.  A home inspection is not technically exhaustive (We won’t be able to remove building materials or cut holes in drywall for example), but we take the amount of time that is needed to complete the inspection thoroughly.  Only 1 or sometimes 2 inspections are scheduled per day to ensure that we’ll have enough time for the inspection, the review with the client, and admin time to complete the report the same day. Clients are encouraged to be present for at least a portion of the inspection if not all of it.  This will help you to have a better understanding of those aspects that are reported on.

Check out other areas of our website to see the benefits of hiring us to do your home inspection.  You can also find our pricing schedule posted here.  Our inspections are not cheap, and neither is the service you’ll receive. Email Tim Bunch, for a sample report.

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